Summer Clothes and Fashion Guide

Need new summer clothes? Here's what I've been loving.

Over the weekend I did some major damage and bought so many summer clothes. Luckily, I don’t shop that often and when I do, it’s to get new items for a season. This time around I was in desperate need for new summer closet staples including shorts and shirts. Ever since grad school, it pains me to buy new clothes as much as I love new clothes. Over the last two years, I preferred to spend the money on experiences (ahem… food) so any income I made went to directly rent, bills, eating out, and fun times with friends. Now that I graduated, my closet is lacking in a lot of things. I already have the perfect graduation dress that I will be using for a wedding I’m going to but the rest of my closet needs some updating.

Summer Clothes and Fashion Guide

Currently, my closet is a mix of things from high school, college, and some newer pieces. I haven’t had to buy any summer clothes in the last couple years due to jobs and internships. However, this summer I will not only be moving to LA at the end of August but I will also be going on a trip of a lifetime to Southeast Asia in July! I am beyond excited for all the travel and experiences that are coming my way very shortly but I don’t want to worry about what to wear.

Here are a few summer clothes that I will be wearing the next few months!

Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideSo the first thing I bought isn’t exactly summer clothing but I LOVE THESE JEANS! I have never been able to find jeans that fit so perfectly without a belt which is such a struggle when you are 5’2″ with a small waist but large hips and thighs. I usually feel like I’m different sizes on different parts of my body when I try on pants, jeans especially, but not with these Madewell 8″ Skinny Jeans. They fit snug from my waist to hips to thighs and there is minimal stretch throughout the day. Not only that but as someone who shies away from high waisted things, these really worked and they willSummer Clothes and Fashion GuideI know, I know. $120 on jeans is a little much but I donated an old pair to be recycled into housing insulation (how cool is that?!) at the Madewell store and received $20 off on these new ones. Even with the high price tag, these jeans are worth it to me because of the fit and quality. These are going to last me a very long time.

Are you a shortie, and if you are, what jeans are your go to?

Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideNext up are these awesome high-waisted shorts from Madewell. Again, the fit it perfect and they are a great summer closet replacement for my ancient Forever 21 denim shorts and another summer clothes staple.Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideThere is too much fraying for my taste but I will be cutting off some of the pieces. These shorts are going to last me forever just like the jeans so it’s an $70 investment that I happily bought.

Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideThe last pair of bottoms I bought were these fun printed shorts from Francesca’s. They are super soft and comfy, perfect for my SE Asia trip and for casual or beach days in LA. I also love the embroidery on the bottom and they scream summer.Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideI don’t think I’ve ever had shorts in this style since I stick to my previously mentioned ancient denim shorts. What I especially like is that they are not too short and keep everything covered, which is an issue in this style of shorts. They are pricey at $38 but when combined with a BOGO 50% sale and a student ID, it’s much better!

Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideSpeaking of buy-one-get-one half off, the second piece I got from Francesca’s was this white top with lace. Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideI’ve been loving the white dresses and blouses all over Instagram so I was on the lookout for something white. I like that this top can be dressed up or down and all the details!

Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideI headed to American Eagle to compare denim shorts and see if there was a sale. Luckily, there was a BOGO 50% sale on these two shirts (here and here). These are the perfect summer clothes, super soft, and comfortable.
Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideYou are sure to find something you like with all the prints and colors available. I will be bringing these on my trip in July and wearing them all summer long!

Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideI got this top from the AE clearance section for $10! It has a strap like detail in the front which criss-cross in the back. Again, this shirt is very soft and comfortable.
Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideThe dusty purple/grey color is so pretty which brings something extra to this otherwise casual top. I can see this with a sports bra for hiking or wandering around SE Asia and also with jeans for everyday.

Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideThe last top I got is Lucky Brand and from Macy’s. It has tie in the front and some cutouts on the shoulder with the same rope criss-crossing across.Summer Clothes and Fashion Guide

If you couldn’t tell from all these tops, I’m loving this silhouette. It’s not too tight but still really flattering.Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideThis dress is from Forever 21 (similar here and here). I liked it on the hanger but I loved it on. It stops right above my knees so it’s not too short and it flares out from the waist. Summer Clothes and Fashion Guide

Definitely a fun dress to twirl in 🙂 This dress is already on my packing list for LA for the 4th of July! When I think of summer clothes, this dress is what I think of.Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideFinally, I got these beautiful shoes from Express! My shoe collection has been pretty minimal the last few years and mostly all black so I needed something new. These were 30% off AND already on clearance so they were only $21!Summer Clothes and Fashion GuideI’ve already wore them once and they’re very comfortable considering shoes like these usually aren’t. The block heels helps a ton with support and as long as you’re not walking miles in these, you’ll be fine!

Where have you been shopping for summer clothes? What are your latest finds?

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  1. I loved your clothing haul! I’ve been doing some damage recently too because I noticed the same thing. A little mix of new, college finds, and old high school items that I could still wear. I’ve been definitely upgrading my wardrobe this summer and will be including them in my blog as fashion posts

    -xo, Makaela

    1. Thanks Makaela! I always seem to have nothing to wear in the summer! I’ll be sure to look for your new finds on your blog 🙂