18 Unique Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

18 Unique Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is only a few days away! This year it’s on Sunday, June 18, so it’s time to get those last-minute gifts before it’s too late. I finally got my dad’s present yesterday so I’m a lot less stressed. I thought I’d share what I got him as well as a few other ideas to get started. Each dad is different so there’s an idea for every type of dad whether they like traveling, wine, or tech. Not only they are all available immediately or in a few days in time for Father’s Day through Amazon, they’re also budget-friendly with the most expensive gift being $150!

Now, here are a few ideas for the dad that loves…


For dad’s who can’t live without music or playing it throughout the house, check out one of these speakers or headphones!



Cooking & Grilling

For dad’s who love food and making food there are so many options! Grilling equipment, gastronomy kits, fancy coffee makers… any of these can be perfect for Father’s Day.



Wine & Beer

This was a hard category to narrow down… I want it all!




There are so many cool things in tech right now, all in time for perfect for Father’s Day.



Giving Back

This is my favorite section. This is perfect for those dads who have everything or love volunteering. This was my go to since my dad has about a million ties but more importantly, always thinks of and helps others whether they’re strangers or friends.

18 Amazing Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts - Unicef Donations

Personally, I chose the gift of Safe Passage from the International Rescue Committee; it was only $36 but it provides refugees “families with information and safe transportation while far from home”. There are countless other gifts on the site and they have a Father’s Day Collection. The IRC gifting site has something for every budget. Another option is Unicef. They have so many options on donating either a cash gift or towards a specific cause like mosquito nets.

18 Amazing Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts - Unicef Donations

Do some research on your dad’s favorite charity or organization and there is probably a way to donate on behalf of him for Father’s Day! Most provide an e-card that can be sent on the 21st or when on completion of the purchase.

Tell me in the comments what you’re getting for Father’s Day!

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