8 Wedding Guest Dresses Under $100

What to wear for summer weddings, graduations, and other events!

I’m so excited to be graduating in a week and a half! My mom has been bugging me to choose a dress to wear to graduation so  I’ve been on the search for dresses that can also work as wedding guest dresses, or anything else that comes over the summer.

My style is pretty simple day-to-day with a lot of black so I wanted to go with something that had color, a print, or crochet detailing. Macy’s, Lulus, Forever 21, and Nordstrom all have amazing options right now so if you can find a dress and they’re having a sale, it doesn’t get much better! I had a hard time picking something that could be dressed up or down so I had to decide on which I preferred. Looking back there are still SO MANY dresses I would’ve loved to have bought but in the end, I think I made the right choice.

These looks aren’t only great for graduation but also summer wedding guest dresses! I plan on wearing my dress as a guest later this summer since my robe will be covering most of it during the graduation. I’m all about spending less so these are perfect for anyone on a budget and multiple events this summer.


Which dress is your favorite? Do you have any weddings or parties coming up this summer? Let me know which one of these wedding guest dresses you would wear down below!

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