Quick Tips: Finding Your Career Path

How To Find Your Career Path

As college or graduate school winds down and graduation approaches, thinking about your post-graduation plans can be stressful. If you don’t have a job, don’t worry just yet, you’re not alone. You can make it happen by getting organized and doing your research. My biggest tip, of course, is to have a system for getting through the application and interview process but that’s for another post. The big problem I faced when I was about to graduate from my undergrad program was that I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had a few interviews by April but […]

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5 Questions To Ask At The End Of An Interview

5 questions to ask at the end of your interview

When going into a job interview, most of us prepare to answer the tough questions and perfect our answers to the dreaded “tell me about yourself”. However, the end of the process is just as important as the beginning. When the end of the interview comes along and the interviewer asks if you have any questions, many people hesitate to ask questions about  the company and position, but bringing up these topics can show that you are thoughtful, eager, and interested. Here are five must-ask questions to start that dialogue: About the position It is always important to be informed about the company and […]

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