How To Plan An Epic Trip To Southeast Asia

Looking to travel to southeast Asia? This comprehensive guide covers where to go, visas you need, finding hotels or hostels, and booking transportation.

So I graduated from grad school in June, secured a job in an exciting new city starting in September, and have a whole lot of time in between… so I’m obviously going to be traveling! Back in April, my friend and I were dreaming of post-grad life and wanted an epic trip before heading into the real-world. We kicked around the idea of a road trip, backpacking through Europe, and, finally, going to Southeast Asia. The last option was the most out of our comfort zone so we were very attached to this hypothetical trip. The next step was getting […]

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Summer Clothes and Fashion Guide

Need new summer clothes? Here's what I've been loving.

Over the weekend I did some major damage and bought so many summer clothes. Luckily, I don’t shop that often and when I do, it’s to get new items for a season. This time around I was in desperate need for new summer closet staples including shorts and shirts. Ever since grad school, it pains me to buy new clothes as much as I love new clothes. Over the last two years, I preferred to spend the money on experiences (ahem… food) so any income I made went to directly rent, bills, eating out, and fun times with friends. Now […]

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18 Unique Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

18 Unique Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is only a few days away! This year it’s on Sunday, June 18, so it’s time to get those last-minute gifts before it’s too late. I finally got my dad’s present yesterday so I’m a lot less stressed. I thought I’d share what I got him as well as a few other ideas to get started. Each dad is different so there’s an idea for every type of dad whether they like traveling, wine, or tech. Not only they are all available immediately or in a few days in time for Father’s Day through Amazon, they’re also budget-friendly […]

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Seattle: Top 6 Spots for Tourists

Going to Seattle? Make sure to hit these top 6 spots!

Last week, my family came to Seattle for graduation. This was my cousin’s first time in Seattle and we had a free day, so I took them on a little tour of Seattle. We made sure to hit all the big spots while making sure we were able to get a lot of pictures. Late in the morning, we started off slow by driving downtown and walking to the market and around the pier. After lunch, we found out we could get city passes for everything we wanted to do so we hopped on those tickets. Here’s everything we did and saw! […]

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How to Get a Job at a Big 4 Consulting Firm

Everything you need to know when applying to a Big 4 consulting firm.

IT consulting was a totally new concept to me about a year and a half ago. I went blindly into the Big 4’s recruiting period my first week of grad school. I was ill-prepared for the whole process. This included preparing my resume, going to a firm’s social, and learning more about these companies. Needless to say, I did not get an internship, let alone the first interview. The consulting internships I applied for later in the year went better but I still didn’t land that coveted consulting internship. I was prepared this year. After a co-worker at my summer […]

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